Tuesday, June 6, 2017


First things first!!!! FULL CREDITS TO Aisyah Shakirah ~ This entry is dedicated to my fellow akhwaat, my habaebatis, sisters, girlfriends, or my species lah in general, who are in menses (read: on your period)

Now, here are some ideas on how to make yourself more productive during Ramadhan. To start with, go make goals for the month and divide them up. Okay? Jom!
Repent. Recite this powerful duah: “Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annee” (O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.)
  • Listen to Islamic lectures! Ahh. This is my personal favorite. Wallahi so many free lectures on youtube! Don’t know where to start? Look up some of my favorites:
  1. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
  2. Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan,
  3. Prof Tariq Ramadan
  • Talk to Allah in sujood
  • Understand meaning of Quran/ Tadabbur
  • Make plenty of Selawat & Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah)
  1. LailahaiIlAllah: “There is no god but God.”
  2. Allahumma Sali‘Ala Muhammad: “Oh God, send your peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad”
  3. Allahuakbar: “God is the greatest”
  4. Alhamdulillah: “All praises to Allah”
  5. Subhanallah: “Glory to Allah”
  • Memorize surahs. Study Hadeeths! Hadeeths are also an important Islamic authority. But make sure it’s authentic! Option; start with Imam Nawawi’s 40 hadeeth.
  • Memorize the 99 beautiful names of Allah. Done that? Well. Now here’s a challenge for you. Try to remember the Asma’ul Husna in Arabic along with it’s meaning ;)
  • Donate. Give charity. Even if it’s $1 per day.


And the list goes on. In reality, every single thing that we do for Allah’s sake is considered an ibadah. Do not restrict or limit ourselves. May Allah be pleased with us, accept our deeds and continue to shower us with His mercy. Hope you find this helpful.

“… Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.” (2:185)
Oh. Regarding the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Don’t wait until the night of 27th. There is no guarantee that Laylatul Qadr is on the 27th. Do whatever you can on the last 10 nights, but the starting point is doing all consistently from NOW (In sha Allah).

May peace be upon you x

Monday, May 8, 2017

Semester 3? Almost Done!

Nasi dagang kuah ikan but lauk ayam nomnom
Alhamdulillah. Wallahi rindu gila nak update blog and blogwalking apetah lagi aduduh. Tapi apakan daya. Payah nak lingering in front of laptop that long ey. I only use laptop to finish my assignments and urm khatam movies ha ha ha.

SO! Today, 8th May is one of those day yg penat nak mampos haha. Seriously. Ada 2 presentations. Ugh. I really hope I did well but duh mesti la si qilah sangat loser. Haha. Alhamdulillah settle dah almost everything for this semester assessments :))))) 

Tak sangka. It's already 8th....May..... And then next week study week dah ha. Gulp. Final exams are coming through!!!!! Fuh puh hh. 

Anyways, this post is mainly to remind myself to share notes on Islamic note by Ustaz Kabuye! (my favorite ustaz for this semester) hihihi. So yeah. Tu jela kut. Ish rinduw.

Sesape yg baca ni doakan qila dapat dean list lagi eh sem ni!? Please? Thank u very much! Moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kamu. Papai semua take care xx

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Study - 5 Habits of Organized Students

Alhamdulillah. With this semester finally is approaching to an end, I’ve thought and reflected on what I did right and wrong in this semester huhuhu (mostly wrongs lerrr hahahaha i hate that i am so pemalas tahiii aduhhh and i do regret huhu) but das ok because i came to the conclusion that being organized is indeed one of the key aspects to good studying. 
So here are 5 habits that every organized student has and I would like to strive for in the next semester: LETS CHECK THEM OUT!
5 Habits Of Organized Students

1. Studying and reviewing material right after lecture, every day/evening. A little bit of daily review will help avoid late-night cramming before any test. Make a study plan

2. Setting personal deadlines 3-4 days before the actual deadline. This gives some extra time for any edits or even emergencies that could come. No more “Ah, I have a 10-page essay due tomorrow!” at 11 pm anymore!

3. Using a good calendar/planner/organizer will help with seeing what’s coming up and due in the next weeks. I found a great app for any device a few days ago and am loving it!

4. Keeping the room and bag tidy will help with distractions and feeling of clutter in my head. This is definitely a problem and often I spent more time cleaning my room before studying than doing actual work. These are just a few things that affect our concentration.

5. Prioritizing tasks. Asking yourself, what’s due the earliest and what’s more important to get done? What can wait? What can I do later in the evening when my head isn’t working as well? What do I need to be sharp and attentive for?

Nampak cam senang kannnnnn? But nope. Hahaha. And yes, paling penting kena make sure bilik kemas sebab nanti bila nak exam dan dan la nak kemas bilik lah hape lah hahahaha. And yup. Kena have plans, organize and prioritize :) Fighting!
Credits: Kat :)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Studying - Ways to Take Notes & How To Read Effectively: A Guide

There are many methods: The Cornell Method, Outlining, Mapping and Charting

Moving on to how to read like super effective huhu

1. Decide how to read the text
First, decide what your goal is when you read the text: do you want to just scan it to find some specific bits of info? Or maybe get the general idea of the entire text? Or perhaps you need to understand it really, really well, so you need to read it closely? If you want to read effectively, this is the first step!

2. Summarize what you’ve just read
Summarize every couple of paragraphs (or however you want to break it down) so you know what you’re reading. Don’t copy the text or try to include every.single.word., but if there is something worth noting, then note it.

3. Take notes, but…
Again, don’t write down everything when you’re taking notes (here are some techniques!). This will take too much of your time and eventually the notes won’t be as good/detailed, because you’ll get super tired. Take notes if you see some information that is the reason why you’re reading the text. If it’s a key term that you don’t know and want to jot down, use your own words! That way you’ll know you understand what you read. It may seem a bit difficult to learn to take notes and read effectively at the same time. I know my first instinct is to write down everything I see because it all seems important. However, it’s the next thing that really helps to wrap it all up.

4. Reflect and Read Effectively
Reflect on your readings. It’s one thing to read and memorize word-by-word, but it’s another to analyze the text and think about it critically. Every once in a while, stop and ask yourself: what did you just read? What did you learn from it? What was useful to know? What do you disagree with? And what didn’t you understand? (Perhaps write that down and ask in class, btw)

I think we all have different reading methods, but sometimes I find it quite hard to remember the facts, think critically and analyze all at the same time. Some texts can be just super boring to read, while with others I forget that I have to take notes. The key is to determine why you read what you’re reading and what you need to get out it. After that (with a bit of practice, perhaps), it will be easy-peasy!

Credits to Kat :)

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hi guess who is drowning in a sea of assignments and quizzes?

Meeeeeeee. Hahah.

Honestly tak sabar nak cuti 20th - 26th Feb MARCH haha :D

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How do you rebuild your imaan?

Q : How do you rebuild your imaan. I'm a revert and the past two years I've slipped away from the deen. I still pray and stuff but the connection isn't there. I feel terrible about it. Do you have any tips for me?

A : Feeling terrible about this situation shows Allah will forever & always wants you to improve, so first and foremost recognize the love and mercy Allah has for you ;)

The Basics of Imaan Building:
  1. Understand and appreciate your relationship with Allah. Who is Allah? How does Allah treat you? The only way to answer these question is…
  2. Study Islam & Read Quran. I cannot stress these enough. Know your deen!
  3. Ponder on the miracles of earth and nature and science and reflect on Allah’s creation
  4. Perfect solat (make excellent wudu', take your time reading, know what you’re saying, make extra dua in sujud, work on your kusyuk)
  5. Make a lot of dua & dhikr
  6. Actively participate in Islamic events, attend the masjid often and be around people who is God conscious.
  7. Pinpoint aspects of your life that may lead you to have a lacking iman and cut the out or adjust them
  8. Repent for sins as soon as they occur and for past sins
  9. Find 1-2 sunnahs and make them a habit. Allah loves those who participate in small deeds that are consistent :)
  10. You can read anything I’ve written about iman HERE
May Allah protect your imaan and increase it, accept your good deeds and protect you from harm.

 FULL CREDIT TO : http://formyummah.tumblr.com/post/147020908468/how-do-you-rebuild-your-imaan-im-a-revert-and

Best! Loving her tumblr so much :') Serious i felt relieved a bit huhu. Alhamdulillah for everything.
Hehehe sorry i cannot update much. Take care everyone! x

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Do I Get Closer to Allah?

A fluctuating iman is an issue for all of us. We have to constantly work on improving & maintaining our iman, or it will decrease..........

Never miss salah. Make thorough wudu. Take your time in salah. Make dua during sujood. Talk to God in these moments. Dedicate yourself to salah
Make dua often & regularly. Dua is your means of talking to God. Ask for many things, Allah loves when we call upon him.
Read the Quran every day. The Quran is Allah talking to you. In those moments of despair, open the Quran and let God speak to you. Reflect on the verses you read and how you can apply them in your daily life.
Make dhikr. Spend time remembering Allah, Allah will remember you. Ponder upon the sky & the oceans and think of Allah during your moments of awe. Keep your mouth busy with dhikr.
Perform voluntary acts of worship. Sunnah prayers as well as other sunnahs (like fasting on Mondays and Thursdays) that Rasulullah (pbuh) did served as a means of going above and beyond to show commitment to Allah. You to can do this, and feel the blessings.
Get rid of negativity in your life. Negative thoughts, people, places, habits, they all need to go. We cannot expect ourselves to grow and commit to God if other things bring us down.
Get to Know Allah through the 99 names. Reflect on their meanings and when you have or when you will experience those traits from God in your life. (Example: The Mercy of never being abandoned by God)
Keep good friends. Those who are close to God will bring you close to God, inshaallah.
Check your character & ego. Be humble, kind, appreciative. Have good manners. Work hard to keep your pride in check. Stay away from jealously. You will see a difference in how you’re able to connect to Allah. (See Surat al-Maida: 27).
Rely on Allah in your darkest & brightest times. Be appreciate when you’re happy. When you’re down, don’t reach out to anyone but Allah. Seek guidance and protection from your Lord alone.